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"Zradical is not a drug and it has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is simply a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease. While your body may experience amazing positive health responses when you feed it the right nutritional building blocks, and there is indeed reliable scientific evidence supporting the beneficial effects that Zradical's ingredients, (main ingredient, Fucoidan), have on the immune system and numerous other biological functions, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support some of the specific therapeutic results reported by users of the product. We therefore promote the product for its benefit on the immune system but we do not, and must not, promote the product on the basis that it will cure, prevent or treat any disease."

New members Business tips from 1 Star Executive

Janet S - 2 Star Executive, Jan J and Annette V. and 3 Star Executive Betty R.

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New Promotions and 1 Team in Team Challenge Division 10 Majestic Eagles in Unity.

Team Leader Betty Richardson

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8 steps The Approach Q&A

Attitude of a successful business owner leader.

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